Fair Trade Shopping Guide: Home Decor Edition

Welcome, I’m so glad you landed here! I’ll be taking you through the Fair Trade Shopping Guide: Home Edition. Many of the women who craft these beautiful pieces are in need of adequate healthcare, wages, and education for their kids. By supporting our boutique you can give these families a more comfortable living situation that they deserve. I adore all the unique handmade items here at Delsuzi. There is a story behind each piece and we’ve highlighted their narrative in every item. Happy Shopping!

Borneo Belly Basket

Fair trade shopping guide home decor basket

-This beautiful handmade basket made of Pandan straws is harvested locally in Indonesia. The eye catching, naturally dyed, woven chevron pattern is perfect for extra storage organization, beach days, and make great gifts for brides and birthdays.

The artisans who make this collection, work meticulously from the comfort of their home in Bali, Java, Lombok, and Borneo. We are proud to work directly with these women as they help support their families while playing an important role as mother and housewife.

6” Fiddle Leaf Fig + Basket

Fair trade shopping home decor plant basket

-Personally obsessed with this plant and basket set! Freshen up your home with this beautifully woven planter. The hand woven basket is sure to set the atmosphere in your home while bringing a touch of nature and purifying air.

Indigenous tribes of the Bidayuh and Penan come together during the low agriculture season to weave a variety of traditional baskets on Borneo Island. The creator of this brand adopted these communities to provide necessary supplemental income for artisans by providing down payments, rather than loans, to supply raw materials. Your support sustains this entire process and feeds these communities.

Awa Vibrant-Autumn Blanket

Fair trade shopping guide Awa blanket gift

- Named after an ancient tribe of people who presently live in the wet rainforests of northwestern Ecuador. This Awa blanket is great for either your outdoor adventures or simple moments of relaxation. Soft and versatile with a touch of culture, all your friends will be swooning over this blanket!

This brand was created to bring economic stability to indigenous families from the Ecuadorian highlands. Bridging the gap between cultures, Beyond Border Collective is empowering the hard working families through their partnership.

4’ Round Triangle Mat

Fair trade shopping guide round triangle rug

-A statement piece perfect for the living room, bedroom or covered patio. Alternatively, roll and strap up the light and air mat and head to the beach or picnic. Check our website for a variety of colors!

With this purchase, you are supporting the livelihoods of the master-weavers of this typhoon-battered region. Every purchase of a woven rug provides a dream weaver with the resources to educate one of her children for up to three months.

Black Mother of Peal Coasters

Fair trade mother of pearl coasters

-The subtle iridescence of mother-of-pearl is sure to make a statement in any setting. These coasters are carefully hand carved by our master artisans in the Philippines.

Envisioning a world undivided, this company fosters collaborations with local communities and is a proud member of the Nest Artisan Guild. Aiming to provide more than just livelihood, we hope to help uplift their status, develop their confidence, sense of self-worth and uphold their dignity as human persons.

Sheep Planter

Fair trade animal planters

-Our animal planters are made of sustainable coco coir. Handcrafted in a fair trade environment by community-based artisans in the Philippines, they add a touch of warmth and fun to the modern home - a perfect gift all year round.

Working with a few communities and nonprofits directly, giving them insight into what the market wants and collaborating with them on the design process so we can infuse a modern aesthetic into their creations while staying true to time honored techniques and traditions. In doing so, we make sure they get a fair share, and reinvest part of the proceeds in programs to help them develop sustainable livelihoods.

Inabel Placemat

Fair trade Forrest green placemats gift

-Bring a sense of serenity onto your table tops with these Forrest green placemats. Each piece is woven on a hand loom and customarily made of Inabel fabric; which is uniquely prepared by turning cotton fiber into spools of beeswax-brushed yarn. Finished with raised ribbed-like patterns called ‘wasig’, these beautifully handcrafted placemats carry vibrant traditions unto your home.

Made by former orphans, elderly artisans and students in a small family run center in Llocoa, Philippines. These handwoven products provide the weaver with sustainable income while keeping the craft alive.

Diamond Tatreez Pillow

Fair trade Tatreez cream pillow gift

-Our tatreez pillows are a great addition to any home. Each pillow is hand-embroidered by refugee and low-income women artisans with traditional Palestinian tatreez motifs in the West Bank.

A project of Child’s Cup Full, a non-profit women’s economic initiative based in Zababdeh. We are a fair trade certified by Fair Trade Federation, which means we are committed to paying fair wages to our employees, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, and supporting marginalized communities.

Daya Denim Baskets

Fair trade denim jute basket home decor

-Structured foldable baskets made with Holga and up-cycled denim. This wonderful collaboration of two material creates durability and uniqueness sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.

In partnership with a women-led, community-based organization where product sale proceeds provide sustainable market access, quality education and health care to enable our partners to prosper and thrive well in the future.

Jute Oval Rug

Jute oval rug fair trade home

-This beautiful oval rug is handmade from a single strand of jute rope and makes the perfect outdoor mat!

75% of trafficking victims are women and girls. 1 in 3 women globally experience sexual or physical abuse. Risk factors include: poverty, low education, previous abuse, gender inequality, disabilities. We provide economic empowerment through employment with fair wages. Holistic care such as safe shelter, medical care, counseling, life skills training, and professional development. Support and encouragement as these beautiful women overcome their history of abuse to become strong women able to achieve their dreams.

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