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Y’all! I found the coolest house slippers! If you haven’t heard about Kyrgies, you’re really missing out! Made from responsibly sourced wool and natural vegetable tanned leather, these handcrafted slippers from Kyrgyzstan provide opportunities for local artisans to earn higher wages. Using centuries old felting techniques, the sewn moccasin provides odor resistant, breathable comfort and durability.

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Personally, I don’t wear my work shoes in the house. As a hair stylist, little fragments of hair get stuck everywhere and I don’t want to track around the unwanted pieces. Sliding on house shoes is like taking a bra off for me, comfort level elevated! I love how I can still take out the trash, grab the mail, or run a quick errand because the soles are durable.


Kyrgies fair trade women’s home slippers
You can shop my favorite style here

The sewn slippers come in a few different styles and colors for the whole family. True to size, the material will mold to your feet the more you wear them. If you’re in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up. The thick, chrome free, all natural leather has a molded sole providing a cozy fit and arch support while the natural wool properties will keep your feet at the perfect temperature no matter the season.


Fair trade home slipper kyrgies
Shop the classic style here

Kyrgies is on a mission to bring comfort and coziness to your home. I’m obsessed with the design and can easily wear them out for a quick errand without embarrassment. Grab the Classic slip on style or Tengries shoe (my favorite) and use the coupon code DAD15 to get 15% off for Fathers Day and snag him a pair too! It’s easy to stand behind a brand who’s goal is to help others in the process.


Men’s leather wool slippers

Kyrgies LLC


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