About Our Brand

 Hey, Y'all! I'm a 30 something, southern girl born and raised in Texas, currently living in WA. By trade, I'm creative! As a hairstylist, I enjoy enhancing your natural beauty with tones that complement and highlight your features. This has also translated into the fashion world. Due to the pandemic, I was out of work for quite some time, which granted me the ability to take a leap and create my boutique. I'm so excited to share Delsuzi (my labor of love) with you.

I'm even more excited to be able to help children in need. I've partnered with Homes of Hope to help orphaned children in India. Many of these young girls are survivors of tracking, slavery, and are war refugees. With your purchase, You help provide the tools necessary for these young children to reclaim their lives. Marrying into a Persian family has been so special, who else can say they love their in-laws?! Delsuzi is the Persian word for compassion, and every bone in my body wants to help others. (My love language is acts of service.)

Please share with your friends and tag us on Facebook @Delsuzi or Instagram and Pinterest @Delsuzi_Boutique! If you have any questions, please send an email to info@delsuzi.com

Peace, love, good vibes -Katie